Do you handle medical records and confidental data as part of your business?  Then you are a target for cyber theft!

Introducing Data Guardian Pros: The Leaders in Data Protection

Data Guardian Pros (DGP) brings together easy to use tools to help with HIPPA/HITECH regulations and cyber security monitoring, providing a comprehensive approach for protecting patient information.

DGP helps dental practices of all sizes, styles and models and provides a systematic approach for your practice to follow in securing patient data and keeping it private while protecting your brand, your business and your reputation.

Unique to the industry, DGP is comprised of seasoned information security and privacy veterans and dental thought leaders. This team has decades of experience addressing complex information security and privacy compliance issues of large public and private organizations.

DGP’s Comprehensive HIPAA & Cyber Security Tools

Comprehensive Online Security Risk Assessment through real time portal.

Comprehensive Examples of HIPAA forms, policies and procedures – To be completed by the dental practice and stored in their online file cabinet.

Self-Paced On-Demand Privacy and Security Awareness Training – role based access.

24/7 Monitoring – Eyes on your network – Includes customized security appliance.

Audit Notebook – A digital document library, serving as the foundation of evidentiary support in the case of a breach or audit.

DGP Seal of Trust -Awarded to dental practices that complete the steps provided in the tools to create a HIPAA compliance program and updated annually as you keep your compliance program current. The Seal of Trust also provides a level of awareness and peace of mind to your patients validating your efforts and investment in protecting their private information.

Despite progresses in risk protection, all computer networks are still exposed to many cyber threats.  Anti-virus programs, firewalls and intrusion detection systems do their best against cyber-attacks, such as viruses, phishing, hacking, malicious spams, but cannot be 100% effective. Therefore, a need for alternative cyberspace risk management must be considered.

Now, you may be saying to yourself at this point, “cyber criminals attack big corporations and banks, not a small dental practice like mine.” Dental offices hold a treasure trove of data. Names, health histories, addresses, birthdates, social security numbers and, in some cases, banking information are all gold mined by cyber criminals and dishonest employees. A data threat in your office will create a legal nightmare for your practice. Personal health information is 50 times more valuable on the dark web than financial information, and stolen patient records can make as much as $60 per record, according to HIT Consultant.

According to the cybersecurity company Herjavec Group, ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations will double by 2018 and quadruple by 2020.  Cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021.

As a member with us, you have access to risk management protection provided by our partner EPRMA (Employment Practices Risk Management Association).  EPRMA offers members not only a broad range of management training courses and risk management white papers but access to a highly skilled law firm helpline.

Our members have access to these additional services: online compliance materials, newsletters & threat alerts, training & awareness programs, specialist support for data security issues, and a data breach reporting hotline.




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